Durable Steel Structures

Economical Engineering Services for Contractors, Developers and Building Owners

     A Practical Approach
We seek to provide economical and straightforward solutions to engineering problems based on the customer's needs. Our staff engineer is a licensed professional, with 30 years of experience in facilities and project management, and can address most structural, mechanical and electrical issues involved in the typical 1-2 story building project. For that design, report, or certification where you want a basic, practical engineering solution without all the boilerplate and overhead of a consulting firm, give us a call.

     Structural Design
Our Engineer can accurately size wall or spread footings for any set of building reactions. In addition, we specialize in custom beam and column design for building modifications, mezzanines, building reinforcement, etc. Design output can be as simple as a computer-generated generic sketch with dimensions, load cases, and safety factors. However, if more detail is required, CAD drawings of foundation plans, to-scale details of footings, and structural schematics can also be provided.

     Electrical/Mechanical Design Review
Why should you or your customer pay a big fee to a consulting firm to design a mechanical or electrical fit-out that you could do in your sleep? We can work with you to provide an economical design-build solution. We'll review and tweak your design, generate CAD drawings if necessary and provide the engineer's stamp for permit approval.

     Engineering Problem Analysis
Need a solution for cracks and sags in your old wood building? Want to get rid of that inconvenient pole in the basement? Got an unusual rigging problem?    We specialize in the little one-of-a-kind problems that the big firms can't or won't deal with.

     Inspection and Test Certifications
When you encounter a project that requires a Professional Engineer to certify the sprinkler test or structural supports, oversee the concrete testing, observe and certify means and methods for the record, etc., we can help.