Durable Steel Structures' Field Crews
We Are The Best In The Industry 

Durable Steel Structures currently employs nearly forty highly skilled craftsmen. From some of the best concrete men in the business, to finish workers with a trained eye for detail, our crews bring expertise to the job site and confidence to the building owner and general contractor.

Unlike most contractors, Durable Steel Structures self-performs many portions of the project.  We have found that self-performance makes it much easier to control the project from start to finish.  It helps in scheduling, quality assurance, and it actually saves the building owner money by reducing mark-ups incurred with sub-contractors.

Our crew sizes vary depending upon project demands and client needs. We own and maintain a modern fleet of construction equipment and the specialized tools needed.  Many of our employees have been with the company in excess of ten years, providing our crews with a great sense of stability and confidence as they arrive at the job site.  Our Foremen are skilled at listening to our customers, and guiding them through every step of the construction process.