Durable Steel Structures


·  Low Initial Cost
Pre-engineered building systems cost significantly less than other types of buildings, they can be erected in a shorter amount of time, resulting in short-term financing for the entire project.

·      Aesthetically Pleasing
That is a metal building?  We’ve all heard it before; pre-engineered building systems do have a broad range of design flexibility.  This allows the integration of glass, timber, masonry, fascias, overhangs, virtually any architectural accessory the client desires.

·     Low Maintenance Costs
What maintenance manual?  Pre-engineered building systems retain their appearance and weather tightness for years with little or no maintenance.  You can be confident your building will last well into the future!

·     Ease of Additions
Want to add to your existing metal building?  Sure!  The walls of a pre-engineered metal building are non-load bearing and can be easily moved to allow for expansions or remodeling.

·      Energy Efficiency
Compared to other types of construction, the metal panel and blanket insulation used in a typical pre-engineered metal building provides an extremely energy efficient building envelope resulting in reduced building operating costs.  Other types of wall systems available for a pre-engineered metal building include high R factory foam insulated wall panels.  These panels feature a solid foam core laminated to the exterior wall panel and an interior liner panel, and are offered in a variety of panel profiles.