Jobs In Progress:

Woodmont Country Club Allied Contractor's
Baltimore, Maryland

Glenwood Fire Station
Glenwood, MD

Woodmont 1

Woodmont 2Woodmont 3

Baltimore County Animal Shelter


Fullerton Maintenance Facility

Fullerton 1Fullerton 2


United Refrigeration

UR #1

UR #2


Interior Work

Mezzanine Work


Atlas Copco
Abingdon, Maryland

Chart Depot
Kensington, Maryland
Existing Prior to Renovations

Building Renovations


Pearlstone Pavillion's

Pearlstone 1Pearlstone 2

                                          Pearlstone 3

Russell Enterprises

Russell 1 

Glenwood Fire StationGlenwood Fire Station

Glenwood Fire Station

Glenwood Fire StationGlenwood Fire Station

Johns Hopkins
School of Engineering
Latrobe Hall
Baltimore, MD


Hopkins 1

Hopkins 2

Cefalu Brothers Rack Storage
Freezer Building
Jessup, Maryland


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